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Neuroendocrine tumour of prostate is radiosensitive tumour’
Fifty seven year old business man from Mumbai was happy with his daily busy schedules and family life. He was having intermittent episodes of urinary symptoms such hesitancy and feeling of ‘not fully voided’. So he consulted an urologist and he was diagnosed with ‘neuroendocrine tumour of the prostate’. The tumour was large, involving adjacent normal structures and surgery was not possible. Fortunately tumour did not metastasize to any other organ and his general condition was excellent.
Neuroendocrine tumour usually does not respond to chemotherapy or standard dose of radiation therapy. In majority of the situations surgery is not possible. Hence, outcome is not very promising. Only option is to treat with high dose of radiation, but problem is that with high dose of radiation side effects are too high to tolerate if delivered with standard radiation therapy techniques.
He came for highly precise robotic radiosurgery (CyberKnife) treatment and we treated with short course high dose of radiation only to the target sparing adjacent normal tissue. He completed radiosurgery in five days and did not perceive any obvious side effects. He was very optimistic about the treatment and left for Mumbai happily.
After 6 months, on routine follow up evaluation patient had no obvious symptoms, PET scan showed excellent loco-regional control. His urinary symptoms in fact were significantly improved after treatment and our goal to achieve good local control without any side effect was reached. He started working with new found enthusiasm and his family was happy to see him do what he is best at ‘working hard’.
Patient and his family were happy to excellent symptomatic benefit and we were satisfied to provide relief in this patient suffering from such difficult disease.