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Lung metastasis from

‘Single lung metastasis cannot stop someone from dreaming and winning’
Twenty seven year old energetic IT professional working in a reputed IT company at Orissa was happy with his work and personal life. One day he felt a lump in his right thigh region and consulted local physician. After investigation and biopsy, he was diagnosed with low grade sarcoma of the thigh for which he underwent surgery. After surgery he was normal and was back to routine lifestyle. At 6 month follow up chest x-ray, there was solitary lung metastasis. PET scan showed only single lung metastasis with controlled primary site (thigh). He was diagnosed with stage IV disease (lung metastasis from soft tissue sarcoma). Patient’s family was shattered as it was considered incurable.
Patient is internet savvy and he himself found out Robotic Radiosurgery (CyberKnife) as non-invasive treatment option in these situations. We treated with CyberKnife and delivered high dose of radiation precisely to the target. There was no measurable toxicity, patient completed treatment in three days as ‘out-patient’ and family was very happy with the treatment approach.
Today, two years after treatment with CyberKnife he is absolutely fine on clinical evaluation, PET scan showed complete response to treatment. Patient and his relatives are euphoric about noninvasive robotic radiosurgery (CyberKnife) treatment.
He is now got transferred to Chennai so that he can be in touch with the doctors regularly if required, started working whole heartedly in as IT professional and best part is planning to start family life. He soon will get married to his childhood heartthrob who is now working as air hostess in reputed airlines.
CyberKnife has given the opportunity to this young energetic professional to pursue his dream and actively participate in the mainstream of social life. He is now involved with one of the website for non-invasive robotic radiosurgery (CyberKnife) information to the patients. Also, he in online to help many other patients by sharing experiences through networking sites.
Early non-small cell lung cancer occurs in patients with chronic tobacco, cigarette users and due to environmental pollutions. Many of the chronic smokers have lung problems (emphysema, bronchitis) as well and are not suitable for surgical excision. High dose precise radiation with Robotic radiosurgery (CyberKnife) provides noninvasive treatment option and has excellent loco-regional response in early lung cancer patients and in patients with single lung metastasis.