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FAQ: Radiation therapy delivery system

Tell us about CyberKnife?
What is the speciality of CyberKnife?
How it is different from standard radiation therapy treatment?
What are the common indications of CyberKnife?
All tumours can be treated with CyberKnife?
Is there any risk in CyberKnife treatment?
What is the response in the CyberKnife treatment?
What is your experience at Apollo Speciality Hospital?
How long patient need to stay in Chennai for the treatment?
What is the cost of treatment?



FAQ: Indications and evidences

What are the common indications of CyberKnife?
What are the clinical data about CyberKnife?
Say about ongoing clinical trials about CyberKnife?
Which are the main academic centres involved in these trials?
How strong are the evidences about usage of CyberKnife in brain tumours?
When to use CyberKnife in prostate cancer?
What about gall-bladder and pancreatic cancer?
Radiosurgery is the standard of care in solitary or oligo (<3 metastasis) metastasis to brain. There are recent data to show the efficacy of CyberKnife in solitary of oligo metastasis to lung, bone and liver. In general, metastasis from relatively slowly growing tumours such as kidney, adrenal and breast cancer patients respond well to CyberKnife radiosurgery. [/dt_sc_toggle_framed] [/dt_sc_accordion_group]