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‘Eye can be saved with CyberKnife’
Fifty seven year old doctor from Kolkata presented with gradual loss of vision of left eye. He was consulting few ophthalmologists and they diagnosed that he is suffering from low grade lymphoma of the left eye. His vision of left eye was very poor (only finger movement). PET scan showed disease only in the left eye (retro-orbital region) and biopsy confirmed low grade lymphoma. Patient came to Sankar Netralaya for opinion and they referred him to Apollo Speciality Hospital, Chennai for CyberKnife radiosurgery opinion. Standard treatment of these tumours are removal of the eye or conventional radiation therapy. In both these therapies patient will lose vision and eye. CyberKnife as organ preserving approach has the potential to preserve the vision and eye with excellent cosmesis. Patient was treated with CyberKnife radiosurgery and after six months evaluation he had improved vision, excellent cosmesis of the eye and PET scan showed complete response. He was happy to be ‘cured’ of the disease and also able to preserve his eye. He has started his clinical practice, attending patients regularly and family is happy to see him back in his normal lifestyle. ‘CyberKnife’ has given me second life and now I am able to see properly’ said the doctor who was ecstatic about CyberKnife

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