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Thank you for showing interest in radiosurgery. In recent years there is a boom in radiosurgery treatment. Radiosurgery is the current buzzword in cancer management. Many prospective and randomized studies are being conducted in many centres across the world to evaluate the clinical efficacy of this technological revolution. CyberKnife is one of the most precise radiosurgery tool and with ‘real time tumor tracking’ technology. High precision treatment, delivery of high dose to the target (tumours) with ‘motion correction’ for moving tumours such as tumour (cancer) of lung, liver, prostate is the feature of CyberKnife.

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Radiosurgery FAQ’s

Tell us about CyberKnife?
What are the common indications of CyberKnife?
What is the speciality of CyberKnife?

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Intra-cranial Tumours

Intracranial tumors may involve the brain or other structures (eg, cranial nerves, meninges). Read more

Extra-cranial Tumours

Extracranial tumors may involve the lungs, lever or other structures (eg, lungs, lever , eye). Read more

Other Indications

Other than Intracranial tumors or Extracranial tumour indications. Read more

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